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Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds, 6 #10 Cans.

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You can have “fresh greens” in times of crisis. Alfalfa Sprouts are a significant source of 6 of the B vitamins. Alfalfa sprouts are also high in vitamins A, C, E, K, beta-carotene and plant based protein. They have a mild earthy taste. Enjoy them on salads, sandwiches or in soups.

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Real Food for Real People
Why would one want to eat a processed food-like substance over the real thing?

We do not replace real meat with TVP in our products to save on costs.

We strongly feel that the best diets include REAL Meat, Cheese and Butter opposed to Soy based alternatives.

We go to great effort to avoid any GMO products or those loaded with chemicals and preservatives.



 Directions: For simple sprouting, put 3 tablespoons alfalfa seeds in a wide-mouth 1 quart jar. Fill with water and soak overnight. Jar needs to be topped with a wire screen, fine cheesecloth or old nylon stocking secured with jar ring. After soaking, drain well through the screen or mesh and rinse seeds well. Turn jar upside down (in a bowl or on a wire stand) and keep in a dark, warm place. Rinse seeds 2 times per day (3 in the summer) and keep jar inverted. Gently shake seeds to keep them evenly distributed around the wall of the jar. After 2 days, put jar in the sun to develop bright green color. Sprouts are ready to use when they are 1 - 2 inches long, about 3 - 4 days. Yield is about 1 ½ cups of sprouts



Alfalfa Seeds
Serving Size  ⅛ cup (28.35g)
Servings Per Container - About 79 

Net Weight   80oz (2267.96g)

Amount per serving

Calories   10

Calories from Fat         0

% Daily Value*

Total Fat  14g


Saturated Fat 2g


Trans. Fat  0g


Cholesterol  0mg


Sodium  7mg


Total Carbohydrates  8g


Dietary Fiber  Less than 0g


Sugars   0g

Protein  1g


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Vitamin A  0%

Vitamin C  0%

Calcium  0%

Iron  3%


Additional Info

Additional Info

Calories 10


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